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Tracks: 6
Category: Vaishali » [V]
Year: 1988
Director: Bharathan
Music: Ravi , O.N.V.Kurup
Singers: Dinesh , Lathika , K.S.Chithra
Starring: Suparna Anand , Sanjay Mitra , Geetha , Babu Antony , Nedumudi Venu
Vaisali is a 1988 Malayalam film directed and edited by Bharathan. Produced by Dr. M.M Ramachandran (Atlas Ramachandran) and scripted by M. T. Vasudevan Nair, it was an adaptation of a sub-story told by Vedavyasa to King Yudhishtira in the epic Mahabharatha. It is the story of Vaisali, a devadasi girl who was assigned the mission of seducing Rishyashrungan, the son of Mahirshi Vibhandakan and bringing him to Chambapuri to perform a mahayagam to bring rain. Shot in a lavish setting, Vaisali was a huge hit at the box office. This film, often considered one of Bharathan's best works, is also considered a cult classic in Malayalam cinema. The cinematography by Madhu Ambat was widely appreciated and won several awards.
1. Indupushpam (6.2 MB)
2. Dhum Dhum (5.68 MB)
3. Dhum Dhum (HQ) (10.45 MB)
4. Indupushpam (HQ) (7.59 MB)
5. Indraneelimayolum (7.7 MB)
6. Theduvathethoru (6.59 MB)
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